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My Health Insurance is Being Cancelled!!!

A lot of Americans have already received letters notifying them that their health insurance plans are being cancelled and many more will receive notification very soon. So, what’s going on??? Under the ACA guidelines insurance companies are required to notify insureds when their plans make benefit changes and that has become an annual event.  If […]

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What Is On The Horizon?

Most of us have health insurance through one of three major channels: employer based coverage, Medicare or individually contracted coverage.  Today we will focus on the last group: those who must seek out and enroll in coverage directly with an insurance carrier. Since the onset of the Affordable Care Act there have been significant changes […]

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I Should Have Known

A friend of mine recently told me about the woman who lived next door to him and it brought back painful memories and some questions with which I continue to struggle. It seems that this woman, who lived alone, was discovered walking along a busy highway by her son who had fortuitously put a GPS […]

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