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Affordable Care Act : 5 ~ Early Renewal Options

As we approach the January 1 requirement for health insurance plans to comply with the new Affordable Care Act guidelines we are looking very closely at options available to our clients.  New plan designs are not clear yet, networks are difficult to access and drug formularies are hard to find.  As a result we have […]

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Affordable Care Act 4 : the Goldilocks Syndrome or Early Renewal Options

One of the most significant changes effective with the Affordable Care Act implementation will be plan design changes. Individuals who have low deductible plans and others with very high deductible plans will not be able to retain the plan designs which they had previously enjoyed.  The Affordable Care Act legislation does not allow for plans […]

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Affordable Care Act : 3 ~ Public Exchange and Off Exchange Plans

Accessing health insurance coverage will not change with the January 1 Affordable Care Act changes, but there will be different options available. The current marketplace is managed by insurance companies who provide plan designs, administration and claims payment. Plans will continue to be administered and managed by insurance companies, but plan designs will need to meet federal […]

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