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Maximizing Company Benefits While Minimizing Cost


Looking to provide your company with the best benefits, while controlling costs? Click here to see how we help companies like yours.


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How to Avoid Medicare Enrollment Mistakes




Enrolling in Medicare can be a complicated process, but it does not have to be. We’re here to help you through the process.



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Protect Yourself and Your Family with Health Insurance



The individual health insurance market continues to change. Click here for your best options to protect your family today.


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Access products and pricing you would expect from a national agency while experiencing local concierge access and personalized service.

Employee Benefits for Businesses

We, here at CDA Inc., can counsel you on best practices to optimize the benefits your company offers while putting measures in place to control costs.

Medicare and the Costs of Aging

We at CDA Inc. can help you plan for a comfortable retirement by proactively addressing the greatest threat to your savings, the cost of your care.

Families and Individuals Under 65

If you would like the full consultation and ongoing advocacy that we have provided in the past, we will help you review and enroll in the policy most suited to your needs.

GA Health Agents Agency

CDA Inc. is a founding member of the GA Health Agents Agency.  A coalition of professional employee benefits agencies, GHAA was founded to optimize the strengths of our member agencies to benefit all of our clients.  Through mastermind meetings and constant dialogue we are able to remain current on legislative and industry trends and help our clients be well-ahead of changes.



Need Help Finding a COVID-19 Testing Site?

Finding convenient, affordable COVID-19 testing continues to be a concern for most of our clients. This morning, I had a great experience with free COVID-19 testing offered by the Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) at mobile sites throughout the Atlanta...

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Compliance Is Not An “Option”

Now that we know that there will not be a swift dismantling of the Affordable Care Act I believe it is time to address the compliance issues currently facing all employers who offer benefits to their employees. The DOL is rumored to have plans to conduct more ERISA...

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What Do We Do Now?

As economic uncertainty puts many of our jobs at risk, health insurance coverage has become a major concern.  Some of us are fortunate enough to have continued coverage provided by our employers even if we are being furloughed or having our hours reduced. ...

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10,000 A Day

Every day 10,000 of us turn 65 and, whether we continue to work or not, we need to address our Medicare eligibility.  Should we enroll in Medicare or not?  If we enroll, do we enroll for all of the letters (A, B, C, D) or just some of them?  Do we enroll in a Medicare...

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ACA Light

Currently not all employers can afford to provide health insurance to their employees and not all employees can afford to pay their share of the premium for coverage when it is offered. Add to that the following: some employees qualify for individual health insurance...

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The Lull Before The Storm

  We have received many questions about the changes that will occur in health insurance coverage with the change in the Administration.  People are most afraid of pre-existing conditions clauses re-applying and they are trying to make the best decisions possible...

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