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Employee Benefits ~ What Stage is Your Business?

In order for employee benefit programs to be well received they need to be developed with the interests of the employees in mind while meeting the objectives of the firm’s management. Young firms often implement benefits with the intent of attracting employees who are critical to the success of the business and create strategies to […]

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Why Provide Benefits to Your Employees?

The main answer we normally receive to this question is that employers are trying to attract and retain the quality employees they need to grow their businesses.  If that is so, why are employee benefits packages so cookie cutter?  From one employer to another, benefits stack up almost identically as if all employees have the […]

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Fee for Service vs. Outcomes Based Reimbursement

Most of us give no thought to how our medical providers are reimbursed.  We go in for services, pay what we are told and then deal with any balance billing that arrives in the mail at a later date.  We may complain about the cost of our services, but rarely do we think much beyond […]

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Why Not Here?

In the March, 2016 issue of I read the following: “How do you produce better results for people undergoing major surgery in chaotic, overtaxed hospitals?  According to the not-for-profit Noora Health, you do it by teaching family members to assist in their relatives’ care.” (full article) Noora began as a graduate project in the […]

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Patients Beware: Out of Network Providers

How many of us have had this experience:  we are told that we need a medical procedure so we select a participating provider, pre-certify the procedure, have the surgery and then . . .  the bills start coming in?  We go through them on a cursory basis until one or more catch our eye: the […]

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Non-Pharma Approaches to Medical Conditions

Should we be as dependent as we are on prescription drugs, or are there alternative options we can select for care? If we add “pedals to the pills” can we cause positive biochemical changes in our brains as well as the overall improvement in our cardiovascular systems? Some years ago doctors identified a correlation between […]

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