With over 40 years in the health insurance and retirement benefits industry, CDA Inc. has expertise in guiding clients through the challenges posed by the new legislation.

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How your employee benefits package compares to the competition for attracting and retaining excellent employees?

The ever increasing compliance requirements for offering benefits under the Affordable Care Act?

Controlling the increasing costs of benefits?

Maximizing benefits with minimum hassle ?

Renewing your plan early to postpone Affordable Care Act mandates?

Dental, vision, disability, life and retirements benefits : has anyone researched to be sure you have the best benefits at the best cost?

Broker support : do you find the time your employees  spend on 1-800-noservice impacting on their productivity?

We at CDA Inc. can counsel you on best practices to optimize the benefits your company offers while putting  measures in place  to control costs.

**Attention Under-65 Clients**

As we have stated in several of our newsletters (please see links to the right), our company is being affected by the changes to the individual market as well and the only way to continue offering the level of service that our clients have grown accustomed to, we have been forced to alter our business model. Below please find the two options that we are proposing to all our clients who are under 65:

  1. In prior years, we have taken a personalized approach to reviewing options with our clients and walking them through the enrollment process via a one-on-one consultation. If you would like the full consultation and ongoing advocacy that we have provided in the past, we will help you review and enroll in the policy most suited to your needs. As your full-service broker, we will continue to be your first point of contact all year long for a one-time $400 annual service fee. This option will require you to contact our office at your earliest opportunity to discuss in further detail what will be required to move forward with scheduling the consultation.
  2. Alternately, the links below will give you an idea of plan designs and rates which will allow you to enroll without the assistance of our agency. If you do not need a personal consultation to review your plan options or our ongoing servicing throughout the year, but still want the security of writing your policy through our brokerage as backup, we are offering a low-cost option with no upfront cost to our clients. After an application is submitted through either of these links, CDA, Inc. will be available at $150/hour for any service work you might need during the year.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at
your convenience.

Would you like help determining:
Whether the federal exchange or the private health insurance options are best for you?

Whether you qualify for federal subsidies or tax credits under the Affordable Care Act?

Whether renewing your health plan early benefits you more than the new plans available starting January 1, 2014?

If you can finally find affordable coverage now that there will be no more medical underwriting?

How to afford the protection you need in the areas of life, disability and long term care insurance?

If dental and vision coverage provide the benefits you need at a price you can justify?

Whether it is time to start discussing a health insurance retirement account?

We can help you assess the new affordable care guidelines and review other insurance options to help you make the best decision for protecting yourself or your family.

Learn more on our FAQ page or call us at 770-449-7369.

Do you need help determining:

How much is enough?

What the cost of Medicare is and what it covers?

What  the cost of extended healthcare will be and how much Medicare and Medicaid will help out?

We at CDA Inc.  can help you plan for a comfortable retirement by proactively addressing the greatest threat to your savings, the cost of healthcare.  Healthcare planning should be started early and updated on a regular schedule so that your retirement plans are not threatened over time.

Learn more on our FAQ page or call us at 770-449-7369.