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Where is My Reward?

Recently a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School looked at health data on 140,000 health care professionals with a particular focus on cancer-related deaths.  Their observation was that as much as 40 percent of America’s cancer diagnoses are due to bad habits and that almost half of cancer-related deaths are linked to bad habits, […]

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Which Employee Benefits Should We Choose?

As small businesses most of us have very limited budgets for non-essentials.  Materials, fixed facility & payroll costs, accounting, legal and required insurance premiums account for a major percentage of our discretionary income.  Are our businesses better served with higher salaries, greater investment into infrastructure or a greater level of benefits for our employees? We […]

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Why Provide Benefits to Your Employees?

The main answer we normally receive to this question is that employers are trying to attract and retain the quality employees they need to grow their businesses.  If that is so, why are employee benefits packages so cookie cutter?  From one employer to another, benefits stack up almost identically as if all employees have the […]

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