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Virtual Health Care

Many of us drag ourselves to our physicians’ offices when we are so dizzy and queasy that we have no business driving a car. How would we feel if we could call a doctor about our cold and flu symptoms, that nagging cough or the rash we just discovered rather than going to his office? […]

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Prescription Review

The start of the Medicare Open Enrollment period is a scant two weeks away, so it is time for us to line up our pill bottles and prepare for our annual prescription review. Open enrollment for those of us under age 65 is a scant month away. Each year prescription formularies change for all carriers […]

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Open enrollment: our annual pilgrimage into our personal healthcare analysis. Whether under age 65 or over this is a time that we should all review our recent medical care usage and forecast upcoming expenses as best we can. Many of us have options between high deductible plans and copay driven plans, but how do we […]

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