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Where Are We Going And What Can We Do?

Our health insurance premiums increase every year and the only recourse we seem to have is to increase our deductibles and dilute our benefits.  We have clients whose health insurance premiums are now larger than their mortgages.  Does anyone know where this is all going to end? We all must have health insurance coverage that […]

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But We Never Have Any Claims!!!

Do you feel like your company health insurance premiums are much higher than they should be?  You see neighbors and friends run to the doctor all the time, but you and your co-workers never seem to access care.  No doctor visits, no prescriptions, no emergency room visits.  Do you seem to be supporting everyone else’s […]

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Four More Weeks To Go

I continue to be surprised at the phone calls from individuals now that the initial open enrollment has finished for those who need to enroll for their 2016 health insurance.  As much media attention as the enrollment process has received there are still many who are unsure of the rules and the consequences of inaction.  […]

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ACA Preventive Care Links

We have had many conversations since November 1 helping individuals compare health insurance plans as part of the annual Open Enrollment period. Questions have come up particularly about how routine services are covered.   Benefits can vary somewhat from carrier to carrier, but there are specific preventive benefits that are guaranteed in each contract through Federal […]

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Tick Tock

Websites are freezing at both the insurance carriers and at the federal Marketplace as time is drawing near for the end of the 2016 health insurance open enrollment period.  Phone lines to both sets of providers are busy and disconnects after interminable holds are once again the norm. December 15 marks the last day to […]

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Marketplace Update

Now that we are in our third year of the Affordable Care Act many of us have prepared ourselves for the ongoing nightmare of working with our clients to qualify for Marketplace subsidies. The last two years have been marked with website crashes when we tried to enroll individuals electronically and interminable time on hold […]

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Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage?

Each day thousands of us turn 65 and we need to address this choice. So how do we choose and what criteria do we need to consider in making this choice? Fundamentally, we compare apples and oranges when we face this decision. Remember, Medicare Advantage plans are the actuarial equivalent of traditional Medicare (Parts A […]

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Unpleasant Surprises

In our agency dealings we come across a lot of “gotchas” in many parts of the employee benefits picture. Whether our clients are individually enrolled or are part of employer based plans the surprises are very similar. Here are the latest unpleasant surprises we have run into: Many of us are not clear about non-emergency […]

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Plan Decisions

Very soon many of us will face open enrollment for our health insurance benefits. Plan decisions need to be taken seriously as we risk not only dollars we pay into premiums, but also dollars we pay as our share of the claims we incur. So how do we best determine which plans to choose? Rich […]

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Copay Plan or High Deductible Plan

It may seem early to start discussing this, but open enrollments for health insurance will be approaching soon for many of us whether at work or through our personal plans. Health insurance deductibles continue to rise, premiums are certainly not coming down and between the two our budgets continue to be squeezed. Costs of coverage […]

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