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A while back I was attending an industry conference. It was being held at a wonderful spa and resort in the southwest – it was absolutely lovely. As with most industry conferences, 95% of the time you are involved discussing industry specific topics, no matter what that might entail. There are always great cocktail receptions and everyone has a great time. This conference was no exception. However the second day was quite interesting!

We listened as a middle aged attorney discussed various government updates and other relatively dry bits of information. OK, let’s move on. More speakers, all good information…Ok, let’s move on! Then, the keynote for the day took the podium. There were about 150 professionals in the audience, mostly awake as the hour was still early. A young looking woman began to speak about the benefits of ……walking!  Huh? Walking? Ok, I am into this – after all, I’ve been walking all over this lovely spa and resort! She continued to share that in her office, no cakes are present for the monthly birthday celebrations…….they go for a walk……huh? Ok….I have a big cup of coffee and a fruit Danish – I’m in! She continued to share that when they have a conflict in their office, they don’t go to the conference room and shut the door and yell it out…….they go for a walk. (That would so not have worked with my last boss!!) I digress…. She went on to say that she actually started a business teaching others how to put the simple practice of walking into their daily business routines. I was inspired at this point……seriously? “Hi, let me show you how to walk….thank you – $100 please!” Wow, I’m feeling like an entrepreneur already!

To say most of the room was bored might be an understatement, after all, she is talking about walking which most of the group had been doing for decades. Then…..she shares – without skipping a beat – that when she plays with her grandchildren……..whoa………wait……..what??? Yes, above all, she was a grandmother. All of a sudden, she had 100% attention of everyone in the room, myself included. You have got to be kidding me! Grandma? And she was going to guide a hike the next morning, which I promptly signed up for…found out I needed to walk more!

While I am in great health, watch what I eat, cycle, play golf, swim and whatever else I can pack into the week, I decided right then and there……..10,000 steps would be a good thing. If I can look half as good as Grandma, I’m all in. I need to stop now and go for a walk!