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So, you successfully enrolled in health insurance for 2016.  Congratulations, but you are probably not done yet.  Following are some of the details you will need to check:

1-      Have you established your payment method for the new insurance plan and have you set up the first payment?  January payments are due before the first day of the New Year, so be sure that you have paid your premium by then.  If not, there is a chance that your coverage will not be effective and you may have to take extra measures to put it into effect.

2-      Have you cancelled your coverage that ends on December 31?  If not, you may be billed for two policies even if both policies are with the same insurance company.

3-      If you have coverage with Coventry Healthcare have you re-enrolled in the electronic funds transfer program?  There is a Coventry memo on our website at www.cdainc.net with the details of this issue.  Premiums need to be paid by January 4, 2016 or there will be other steps that will need to be taken to reinstate coverage.

4-      Are you enrolled in a plan using an HMO network?  Does the plan require you to select a primary care physician?  If you did not do that at enrollment you will likely receive an insurance card with a doctor assigned to you.  Changes can be made easily, but do look to see to whom you were assigned.

5-      Have you registered for an online account at your 2016 medical insurance carrier’s website?  This will be your first stop for checking on claims, to update contact information, to make billing changes, to get temporary cards if you lose yours and many other things.

6-      Once your plan has become effective, please check your online billing (credit card or bank account) to be sure that a withdrawal was executed to pay your January premium.

Please take a moment to address these issues today and you will be able to avoid unnecessary hassle in the New Year.   If you have any questions, please contact us at Czajkowski Dumpel & Associates, Inc. for assistance!