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Recent news reports about prescription drug costs have told us that, as consumers, we are essentially puppets in a marionette theater.

Drugs are prescribed as a knee jerk reaction by many providers with little regard to our wallets.  Pricing is increasing at rates well above any inflation numbers we see in other industries.  The majority of pharmaceutical company profits are the direct result of cost increases which none of us can control individually and government cannot impact.

If even Medicare does not have the ability to negotiate rates with pharmaceutical companies, what hope is there for the patient?

Many of us are destined to become victims of the pharma industry, but should we not all fight back where we can?  If we develop an expensive disease we are able to reach out for information and financial support from online resources and grants for medications specific to our needs.  Yet if we control the conditions that bring on preventable conditions and seek non-prescription solutions to medical problems first, we all stand to win in the long run.

It may not be possible to prevent certain types of cancers and other “dread diseases”, but there are plenty of opportunities to avoid, or at least postpone, a prescription solution for other conditions.

~ Eating fresh, unprocessed food may take a bit more planning, but it can produce much healthier outcomes than the alternative.

~ Drinking many glasses of water each day flushes out toxins and helps digestion.

~ Walking rather than standing or driving can not only help us to control our weight, but also to shake out the stress of our day.

~ Actively working at being happy can take years of stress off our faces and our bodies.

~ There are plenty of online resources that provide homeopathic and “old school” suggestions for addressing medical issues.  Perhaps if we became familiar with the various options we have to address our ailments we can save prescription use to a time when it is truly necessary.

~ Reviewing what we take and why with our medical providers can help us reduce our dependence on prescriptions that we may not even need anymore.

These are just a few suggestions, I am sure there are many more.  Please share your experiences working “wellness” into your daily life.  We will all benefit from one another’s insights and experiences.

CDA Inc is committed to pursuing healthy lifestyles, as well as advocating for you as you navigate the increasing costs of healthcare.