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Many years ago I recall reading a very “spot on” print ad showing two wealthy old codgers on safari. You could almost hear the heavy British accent as one asked the other, “Say old chap, who handles your life insurance?” all as his companion was about to be mauled by a giant Bengal tiger out of his line of sight.

The message obviously centered on the financial impact of the pending catastrophe. Are we prepared to handle the impact of the cement truck with our name on it? Each of us has the possibility of being knocked down hard or possibly knocked out by events we cannot foresee.

In my world these crises often come in the form of medical situations which either cost a lot of money to address, which create a situation of income loss or which prompt the need for money to pay someone to care for us. Call it medical insurance, disability insurance or long term care insurance, the risk can be devastating in any form.

So I ask you, “Who is helping you to identify strategies to manage your personal risks?” We are passionate about analyzing options for our clients in order to prevent future problems. Please contact us at Czajkowski Dumpel & Associates (www.cdainc.net) if we may be of service!

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