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Many of us give thanks throughout the year for good health, good friends, good looks and good luck.  But once a year we give thanks with a big “T” and that is coming up this week.

We, at CDA Inc. give special thanks for our clients who bless us with their trust as we guide them through the minefield of health care options as we help them to protect their assets from potential obliteration.  We truly appreciate the confidence that is placed in us as friends, family and neighbors are sent to our way for their medical insurance and other employee benefits needs.

We also are thankful for the dozens of individuals who support our efforts at the insurance companies and at the Marketplace.  Their mistakes are often the focus of our attention, but their long hours of work helping us to resolve issues does not go unappreciated.  These individuals are truly unsung heroes as they help us navigate systems under attack by Federal guidelines and well-intentioned (but all too often clueless) bureaucrats. 

Special thanks go to our business associates and affiliated partners who provide insight into our mutual questions and who share critical information with us. By working with a network of conscientious brokers and business partners who truly care about the quality of the service we all provide, we are kept current and challenged to always provide the most accurate advice possible.

But mostly I give thanks for the support of the staff in our office.  The level of service provided and the spirit of partnership is unimaginable to many until they have the privilege of interfacing with those who work with us. Long holds on the phone and difficult service issues are handled cheerfully and the time truly flies while we work together.

We hope that you continue to be blessed with many things to be thankful for and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.