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From Gary the Fishing Guy…….


I’m frequently amazed at my wife’s energy. I don’t mean just the day-to-day challenges of running an insurance agency, if that weren’t enough, but also her involvement in countless charitable activities. I can’t get into specifics or it would sound like I’m bragging about her, and that diminishes the intent of her work in the first place. But I can at least tell you that I’m proud of her and I’m in awe of her sheer volume of good results.

Sometimes I wonder what motivates people to put aside their selfish pursuits in order to exercise their hidden “spirit of volunteerism”. For instance, I wonder whatever possessed me to volunteer as captain of our mixed doubles ALTA tennis team this summer. Can there be a worse job? Who in their right mind gives up their summer weekends to arrange matches for team mates who would rather be at the beach or the lake? I’m short two players again this weekend. Those who feel guilty enough to remain in town and play will be rewarded by being asked to play hopelessly out of position. And if the ALTA Coordinator calls and takes away our points because I goofed up the lineup or fell into any other speed trap, guess who gets the blame? God forbid we don’t make the playoffs – everyone shout “Bad captain!!!” So why did I agree to be captain this summer or any of the other dozen or so previous seasons? What’s the reward? Where’s the beef?

Digging a little deeper, I sometimes wonder what possessed me to become an insurance agent. I do not like pain, so when did I answer the ad, “Wanted, someone who enjoys being hit in the head with a hammer.” It is tough enough making decisions for myself. Why would I purposely make a career out of guiding others to make decisions for themselves? The truth I’ve come to realize is that for all of the aggravations of my job, there are some very meaningful rewards. Yes, making a living is a reward, but that hasn’t kept me in the business. If commissions were the only reward, I’d have found another easier way to make money long ago. The real reward is knowing that I have made a difference in people’s lives. That is by far the most satisfying thing about my job. Protecting an individual and his/her loved ones against financial disaster is plenty of reward for me. I’ve been lucky to work with excellent clients over the years and it feels good to know that I’ve helped improve their positions. So I guess it is true no matter whether it is charitable outreach, leading a tennis team or working as an insurance agent – if you manage to help others along the way, the reward is profound. Helping others is the best way to help yourself.

Here is wishing all you Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!  Enjoy this great recipe for BBQ Bourbon Pork Chops from cooking.com!