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As we approach the Fourth of July and prepare to celebrate our nation’s freedom, let us take a moment to address our personal Independence Day. The time will come when we go on perpetual vacation and we must each prepare for our own day of reckoning. Not only is the future coming much faster than we expect, but it also looks like “the future” may last a very, very long time for some of us.

We all know that small sacrifices can produce great rewards and so we have managed to set aside some precious dollars. Yet have they been placed in the most advantageous spots and do we truly understand where they are sitting? Many of us spend more time educating ourselves about day to day purchases than we do addressing financial decisions of infinitely greater importance. The time has come for us to get serious about managing our resources.

So let us commit to improving our personal financial education with the information that is available all around us, so that we may grow our nest eggs as much as possible. Then let us look at how and where we budget our money to see if we can set more aside for the future. And last, let us address how we are caring for ourselves physically.

There is more to a successful financial future than just growing our retirement accounts, we must also pay great attention to how these dollars will be spent in retirement. Certainly more money in the bank will be better than less, but good health habits today will pay huge rewards in the future not least of which will be reducing the cost of care for preventable conditions.

So as we go out to celebrate this week let us consider committing to “Independence Day” resolutions this year. A few less bites of the things that are not good for us, a little greater participation in the sack races and softball games, and lots of laughter. Never forget, the cheapest and best medicine is often good times with family and friends.

We at CDA Inc. wish you and your family a happy and a healthy Fourth of July and stand ready to help you with any financial and health care concerns you may have.