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As you are aware, from now until December 7 is the annual enrollment period for Medicare Advantage Plans and for Part D Prescription plans. We hope that you have been satisfied with your plan(s) during 2014, but we encourage you to re-evaluate your coverage annually. You may have received a letter from your insurer regarding changes to your plan or a price increase to your plan. Please call us if you feel that they are excessive. Also, if you would like us to do a formulary search to be sure that you are in the most comprehensive and most cost effective plan for 2015, please send us an email now. In it, please include the names of the prescriptions you are taking (actual names off the bottles,) dosage, and frequency. Accuracy in this area is critical as plans and rates vary dramatically when drugs are brand rather than generic. We will also need your zip code and county as well as the pharmacy you use.

We try hard to touch base with all of our clients who own senior products, but the sheer volume of clients requiring service is compressed to a very small window of time each year. We urge you to be proactive and to contact us early in the open enrollment window.

Many of you chose Medicare Supplement Plans instead of Medicate Advantage Plans. While these plans are not part of the open enrollment process, and changes to Medicare Supplement Plans can be made throughout the year, we welcome your questions regarding these as well.

Our agency wants to help, so if you would like a plan comparison, please do not hesitate to call.