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The last quarter of each year is the busiest time in our industry and in my life. Open enrollments for two blocks of clients and renewals for several dozen groups keep us at our desks for long hours. It is easy to stress eat, not drink enough water and generally not take good care of ourselves. Add to this the major food holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and we are at risk of doing tremendous damage to our good health.

In preparation for the worst, this year I decided to take immediate action on the fitness part of the challenge faced during this period and I have upped my commitment of walking my daughter’s dog each evening. Additionally, I recommitted to time on the elliptical machine. I knew that I was a bit out of shape so I started with a five minute interval a few times a day. Starting at a low speed for the first two minutes and then moving to an even lower speed for the last three minutes I thought I could ease my way back into fitness.

I knew that my lungs would fight me, but my thighs were SCREAMING at me in the fifth minute the first three times on the machine. REALLY??? I have been an athlete my whole life so fast walking on a machine should hardly challenge me in this way. I have also noticed that either the dog and I are going a lot faster than normal, or I am even more out of shape than I realized. I huff and puff as he pulls me along excitedly each time he sees deer grazing in our neighbors’ yards.

Will I quit? NOOOOO. But I would love some company in my misery. Consider joining me in my effort to commit to the pre-New Year’s resolutions we all make. If others were suffering with me I believe that I could make it through the pain more easily. Please tell me that you will commit to some discipline through the holidays. We could start the New Year at a whole new level of good health and fitness. REALLY!!!