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Have you ever weighed your food, measured your portions, counted calories & carbs and still not had success controlling your diet? For decades many of us have followed the low carb, low fat and low sugar regimens with mixed success.  The daily struggle with cravings and the constant battle to do what is right has made food a topic at the forefront of our lives.  If we could just find a way to control our food instead of letting food control our lives.  Well, I may have an answer to our struggle.

A month ago a friend of mine announced his new “eat every two hours” diet.  He has set a goal for improved health and is measuring it with a targeted loss of 50 pounds.  This is quite a high bar, but my friend has incorporated other non-diet goals in an effort to improve his health and his overall quality of life.

In an effort to support my friend I decided to join his new food regimen a week after his initial announcement.  To my surprise, this “diet” has worked very well for me.  Eating a little something every two hours has kept my sugar levels very well balanced and I have had no cravings.  Even more, I have lost a couple of the pounds I have wanted to shed.

Every day we are teased with ads about food from restaurants and food producers while being blasted simultaneously with ads for diets and exercise programs. It is no surprise that we focus so much attention on food.  What is good for us, what is bad?  When should we eat, how much should we eat?  Do we binge when we are happy or when we are sad?

Eating small meals and snacks every two hours provides a logical schedule for most of us.  Do we eat a bit too much at a meal because we want enough in our system to carry us to the unknown time that we will next eat?  No problem.  Knowing food is only two hours away takes that pressure away.  The only attention we need to pay is whether the particular snack we are selecting is one that is good for us or bad, not too tough for most of us to determine.

If you are frustrated with the importance food has in your life give this regimen a try.  You may be as pleasantly surprised as I have been.  Even better, you may be like my friend and very happy at a 10+ pound weight loss in a month.

Are you interested in learning more about this specific wellness initiative? I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch by calling CDA Inc. at 770-449-7369.