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All of our lives we try to manage our diets, exercise and stress levels to minimize the bad things that can happen to us. Yet there are some medical situations we cannot avoid. If a genius like Steven Hawking can be struck by ALS what hope for the rest of us average Joes?

And yet, we apply as much discipline as we can muster bobbing and weaving to avoid the sniper shots of illness and injury.

Unfortunately, as we age not only are we less able to fight off accidents and illnesses, but much of the expensive care we need is not covered through medical insurance. The sniper shots of colds and flues become the cannonballs of stroke and dementia. The cost of treatment can be small when compared to the expense of ongoing daily assistance.

Statistics show that one in two of us will need assistance in our older years. Will we be the assistant or the one needing assistance?

There is a good chance that we may get to fill both rolls.   Let’s just be sure that there is a plan to finance each outcome.

As we would not want to be left without enough assets to pay for quality care when we need it, we also do not want to be emotionally and physically devastated when we are in the caregiver role and there is not enough money to pay for extra help.

This may well be the most difficult part of your risk management continuum because there are so many emotions at play. Do you have someone helping you analyze your needs and assess your options? We would be happy to help you consider your alternatives.   Contact Czajkowski Dumpel & Associates, Inc.   We are here to help you make a plan.