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Ask any kid what his favorite season is and nine times out of ten he’ll blurt out, Summer! Not that there is anything wrong with the other seasons, but Spring, Fall and Winter just can’t hold a candle to King Summer. After all, it is the only season with the absence of school. Don’t get me wrong, school isn’t the worst thing ever invented. Some kids actually like school. But even more kids look forward to those few months of the year without mandatory classes and homework. The carefree days of summer are like tonic that soothes the tired soul. It’s a time for doing what you like to do most – hanging with friends, parties, travel to exotic places, catching up on sleep, and family vacations.

I don’t think you ever outgrow the love affair with summer. Here in Georgia, the weather becomes more delightful as Spring progresses. And as the weather improves, my production at work heads in the opposite direction. I’m counting the days to our planned vacation. What will it be this summer – a cruise, a beach house, a mountain retreat, maybe even Europe, the possibilities are endless. I’m a kid again. School’s out and fun is in.

About the only thing I can complain about as Erica and I navigate our 60’s is that our children are not as available for family vacation as they once were. I guess it’s only natural that they now have lives of their own, but as a parent, it seems like only yesterday that it was easy to throw the kids into the car and head for the beach. A lot more planning goes into family gatherings these days. We’ve reached the age where we must plan around their schedules and obligations if we want to get together at all. We are more fortunate than many of our friends however. Two of our children still live in Atlanta and we see them often, but one of our sons is out in Oklahoma at veterinary school. For the last two summers we’ve arranged our vacations so that at least part of them can be spent with him in Stillwater.

So it’s all good and we still feel that eager anticipation as summertime approaches. It’s just that our vacations have been adjusted a bit to fit our changing family dynamics. The way Erica and I look at it, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we have grandchildren in the picture. Sooner or later they will be looking forward to the end of school and summer vacation with Grandma and Grandpa. Won’t that be grand!

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