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Many individuals who enrolled in Marketplace policies during the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period may have received notification that supporting documentation (proof of income/citizenship) would need to be forwarded by a specific date to finalize qualification for subsidies. When required, this information is listed on the formal subsidy eligibility notice which is sent to every applicant who has applied for financial assistance. In the area below the subsidy qualification amount there is a list of either income or citizenship documentation that needs to be provided. Failure to do so will result in loss of subsidy and a nightmare trying to regain it.

If you qualified for 2016 premium subsidies please look closely at the subsidy eligibility results document to be sure that you provide the correct information that is being requested by the date listed. Also, be careful about how you submit this information.


  1. Be sure that the following appears on each page you are submitting: name, application ID number, date of birth, social security number, address, contact phone number and contact email.
  2. When you forward your information please be sure to include the first page of the document as well as the page with the bar code and application ID number on it.
  3. The safest way to transmit this information is to upload it to your Marketplace account. We have more than one client who sent forms via certified mail with a tracking number, which requires a signature upon receipt, and now the Marketplace is claiming that they have nothing in their files.
  4. A week after transmitting the information please call the Marketplace at 800-318-2596 to verify receipt.
  5. Check you Marketplace account for notification that all is complete in your messages link on the left side of your landing page after you have logged in.

Please do not miss the deadline as reinstating a subsidy can take long hours and many phone calls. It has been a pleasant surprise to us when forms are transmitted and our clients receive notification that the process has been completed. Unfortunately, not all of our clients have been this lucky.

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