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We all recognize that the healthcare industry is failing us medically and that its cost is bankrupting us financially. What we need are creative ideas from outside the medical system that will provide solutions which those in the heat of the battle cannot even imagine.

Recently I heard about a professional athlete who is supporting community care for inner-city children by paying for a mobile medical service which goes into the neighborhoods where these children live. His comment, “There is a good chance that these inner-city children will not get basic care if the ‘bus’ does not come to them.”

How crazy is this? Are we not the richest nation in the world? Do we not have resources that other countries only dream of? How do we continue to fail our youngest citizens year after year while specific players in the healthcare industry are making bank???

Remember the “magic school bus” which encouraged education and literacy years ago? How about re-purposing the idea to provide healthcare to communities? Is it preposterous to consider staffing these with medical students who use stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and other medical equipment necessary for the routine physicals that these children need? How about nursing students to draw whatever blood may be necessary?

We need insightful individuals to step up with additional creative solutions to problems that have festered for decades. As we relax around the barbeque this holiday weekend let’s start the conversation about alternative solutions to ongoing problem posed by healthcare in the United States. Can we challenge one another to move the debate from the NBA playoffs to finding medical answers for those who live in the cities represented by these teams?

The Affordable Care Act has focused a great deal of attention and upheaval on the health insurance side of our healthcare problems, but how about affordable solutions that the system needs before it crumbles into a single payer system by default?

Come on Atlanta, let’s beat Cleveland in the healthcare conundrum at the same time that we beat them on the basketball court. I believe that we have the resources to win in both arenas!!!

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