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Erica’s Hidden Gems

Insurance tip:

If a claim is rejected do not assume that is the end of the discussion. Errors and misinformation are rampant as claims processors are overloaded with claims and often do not follow up on issues that are not of a routine nature. Continue the conversation with the carrier with the help of your broker to get the result you deserve.

Health tip:

Did you know that in 1960 the average American consumed 6 lbs. of sugar per year? By 1980 average sugar consumption had increased to 15 lbs. per year. By the year 2010 ???? 120 lbs. of sugar per American per year ! ! ! Significant weight issues, belly fat and diabetes are hugely impacted by this statistic. Where does all this sugar come from? Check the nutritional packaging of the food you eat, sugar is hidden in many forms in places you least expect it. Also, discontinue consumption of ALL soda pop, particularly those with any sugar content.

Administrative reminders:

For dental coverage do not confuse two visits per year with a visit every six months. Carriers provide coverage for a routine visit every six months, but dental offices will routinely schedule a patient before the 180th day has passed. Remain vigilant to dates of service or you will be responsible for the extra charges.

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