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Did you know that :

1-      An  MRI done in a doctor’s office will sometimes be included in your office visit copay?  Going to an imaging center almost certainly sends the charge to your deductible and it can be MANY hundreds of dollars!  Call your insurance company’s claims office and ask how your MRI or other medical procedures can be best handled financially.

2-      If  you cannot find your doctor listed in your insurance plan’s provider directory he / she may be contracted under his practice name?  Also, typing in only the provider’s last name may help locate him on your list as often Joe Smith may actually be Michael J. Smith, MD.

Before paying for a doctor’s visit try a home remedy for a few days to see if it can provide relief :

1-      Is your tummy rumbly or are you suffering stomach discomfort?  Peppermint tea and / or ginger tea will settle an upset stomach.  And more than
anything, please RELAX to reduce the stress in your life!  Relaxation techniques can be found on the internet or try a warm bath, a quiet walk or grab a book.  Escapist literature has its place and your problems will seem miniscule compared to those of some characters in suspense thrillers !

2-      A hot bath after exercise will help reduce or even eliminate the muscle and joint pain many individuals suffer after a work out.  Stretching and a hot bath may help reduce the amount of ibuprofen and naproxen many of us take and thus prevent the stomach and intestinal stress our bodies suffer.  In fact, a WARM bath before exercise can help muscles and joints prepare for a strenuous day and possibly avoid muscle injury and joint discomfort.

Each pound we carry translates into four pounds of stress on our knees.  Consider these tips as we all try to control our weight :

1-      There are times when thirst masquerades as hunger. The next time you feel hungry or have the munchies, try a refreshing glass of water or watered down juice and see if you are not satisfied and consume a few less calories.

2-      Yogurt culture truly can help some of us burn calories.  Find some plain yogurt or Kefir, add some light flavoring in the form of Splenda or honey, some flax seeds and sunflower seeds, and make it a healthy breakfast.  A half a cup of yogurt with healthy additives each day may provide a pleasant jump start to weight loss.

Foods to help prevent disease:

1-   Please research the cancer fighting qualities of strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, edamame, dark green leafy vegetables, salmon and caffeine to see which might be appropriate for you.  Each has power to protect and comes with no disclaimer about long term negative health risks ! ! !