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Should Prescription Drugs be the First and Only Option?

Many of us are under physicians’ care for diseases and conditions which are treated with prescription medications.  We find our dosages, frequencies and the intensity of our recommended drugs escalating with time.  We also find ourselves at the mercy of pharmaceutical company prices as charged to us through our health insurance plans.  Cost is certainly […]

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Step Therapy

This is a term with which many of us are not familiar, but which represents a nightmare for us when it is applied to our health insurance claims.  So what does it mean and when is it applied? Step therapy is a protocol used by insurance companies to determine whether a particular health plan will […]

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But We Never Have Any Claims!!!

Do you feel like your company health insurance premiums are much higher than they should be?  You see neighbors and friends run to the doctor all the time, but you and your co-workers never seem to access care.  No doctor visits, no prescriptions, no emergency room visits.  Do you seem to be supporting everyone else’s […]

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Snacking Our Way to Better Health

Have you ever weighed your food, measured your portions, counted calories & carbs and still not had success controlling your diet? For decades many of us have followed the low carb, low fat and low sugar regimens with mixed success.  The daily struggle with cravings and the constant battle to do what is right has […]

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Cash Price or Insurance Discount

Many of us have been offered a discounted cash price for health care services recently instead of filing claims with our insurance carriers.  What is this all about? As insurance carriers negotiate deeper discounts with providers and healthcare offices have to fight to get claims paid, these providers sometimes find it more cost efficient to […]

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My Prescription Just Doubled in Price!

I spoke with my pharmacist about a prescription refill and I was stunned that the only drug I fill at this pharmacy had doubled in price. Like most people, I had not paid a lot of attention to the cost of this medication since my copay was just $10 per month.  I had noticed a […]

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Identity Theft and Investment Accounts

A client recently asked me how to protect his invested assets in case someone steals his identity.  Most of us probably know of people who have had their credit cards used and maybe even individuals who have had their bank accounts hacked.  Not many of us have had the experience of losing our life savings, […]

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Taxes: Prepare To File An Extension

This year everyone will need to show evidence of health insurance coverage when we file our taxes. Forms 1095-A, 1095-B or 1095-C will need to accompany W-2s and other tax filing documents. All of us will need to be sure that we have the appropriate form to complete our tax filing whether we have coverage […]

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My Parent Has Fallen, What Now?

If we have not already, many of us will soon face our parents’ decline and the resulting decisions that will be required. A fall, a car accident, a hospitalization, each forces us to address our parents’ ability to continue in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. Most of us prefer our independence and we […]

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Working A Little Longer: Part 2

It seems that, although we are living longer and healthier lives, our employment may not continue as long as we are willing and able to work. In the last few decades I have seen a pattern of “downsizing” once employees hit their mid to late 50s. Perhaps it is because the people around me have […]

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