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VERY Last Call

There was a time when the people of the land of US were able to sign up for health insurance any time the mood struck them. There was no requirement to buy insurance, but as prices of healthcare increased dramatically year after year, those who were tuned in recognized the value of the benefit and […]

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Four More Weeks To Go

I continue to be surprised at the phone calls from individuals now that the initial open enrollment has finished for those who need to enroll for their 2016 health insurance.  As much media attention as the enrollment process has received there are still many who are unsure of the rules and the consequences of inaction.  […]

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The last quarter of each year is the busiest time in our industry and in my life. Open enrollments for two blocks of clients and renewals for several dozen groups keep us at our desks for long hours. It is easy to stress eat, not drink enough water and generally not take good care of […]

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