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Where Are We Going And What Can We Do?

Our health insurance premiums increase every year and the only recourse we seem to have is to increase our deductibles and dilute our benefits.  We have clients whose health insurance premiums are now larger than their mortgages.  Does anyone know where this is all going to end? We all must have health insurance coverage that […]

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Non-Pharma Approaches to Medical Conditions

Should we be as dependent as we are on prescription drugs, or are there alternative options we can select for care? If we add “pedals to the pills” can we cause positive biochemical changes in our brains as well as the overall improvement in our cardiovascular systems? Some years ago doctors identified a correlation between […]

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Should Prescription Drugs be the First and Only Option?

Many of us are under physicians’ care for diseases and conditions which are treated with prescription medications.  We find our dosages, frequencies and the intensity of our recommended drugs escalating with time.  We also find ourselves at the mercy of pharmaceutical company prices as charged to us through our health insurance plans.  Cost is certainly […]

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Halloween Preparation

In a few short weeks our annual candy holiday will hit again. Our house has already gone through several bags of Halloween sweets as we prepare to share what is left with the costumed children who will come to our door. I guess my husband is checking for poison, because every bag has been opened […]

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10,000 Steps…….Really?

A while back I was attending an industry conference. It was being held at a wonderful spa and resort in the southwest – it was absolutely lovely. As with most industry conferences, 95% of the time you are involved discussing industry specific topics, no matter what that might entail. There are always great cocktail receptions […]

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