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Holiday Self Control

The holiday season is coming into full swing. We have warmed up our “sweet teeth” with Halloween candy, we are warming up our taste buds for our Thanksgiving feast and we are preparing our tummies for all the treats we associate with the time between Thanksgiving and our New Year’s resolutions. The weather is turning […]

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The last quarter of each year is the busiest time in our industry and in my life. Open enrollments for two blocks of clients and renewals for several dozen groups keep us at our desks for long hours. It is easy to stress eat, not drink enough water and generally not take good care of […]

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I just received the results of my latest blood test and was told that it is time to up the dosage on one of my medications. My first reaction was regret that I had not been able to keep my numbers in the range where they needed to be. My second reaction was disappointment in […]

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