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An Ounce of Prevention

Recent news reports about prescription drug costs have told us that, as consumers, we are essentially puppets in a marionette theater. Drugs are prescribed as a knee jerk reaction by many providers with little regard to our wallets.  Pricing is increasing at rates well above any inflation numbers we see in other industries.  The majority […]

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My Prescription Just Doubled in Price!

I spoke with my pharmacist about a prescription refill and I was stunned that the only drug I fill at this pharmacy had doubled in price. Like most people, I had not paid a lot of attention to the cost of this medication since my copay was just $10 per month.  I had noticed a […]

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What Do You Mean My Drugs Are Not Covered?!?!

One of our clients called and was very upset that her new insurance carrier would not cover the prescription she was trying to pick up at the pharmacy. She had filled this particular prescription before the 30-day renewal date and could not understand how the new carrier knew this and was frustrated that they would […]

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